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CA Intermediate Study Plan for November 2023 Exams | Targets & Revision

ca intermediate study plan

As is well known, the ICAI sets the CA Exam syllabus.  There are three levels to the CA course: CA Final, CA Intermediate, and CA Foundation. Every level has a different exam difficulty level, as well as varied subjects and exam-taking strategies. Four subjects from the CA Foundation curriculum are comparable to what you studied in 11th and 12th grade. The CA Inter and Final curriculum, on the other hand, is extensive and includes eight disciplines at each level. To appear for the exam, each course’s CA syllabus must be finished within a specific time frame. The ICAI CA exams for the Foundation, Intermediate, and Final courses are given twice a year in May and November. The curriculum for the CA exam in May 2023 remains unchanged. Consequently, you can discover the CA Inter Study Plan for the exams in November 2023 in this post.

CA Intermediate November 2023 - Syllabus

Understanding the curriculum, themes, and topics is crucial for effective CA inter-exam preparation before learning about the 2023 CA Inter Study Plan. There are eight subjects on the CA Inter Exam syllabus. Two categories make up this CA level. In the first group of the exam, a candidate is given four papers, and in the second group, they are given four papers as well. CA candidates must pass the intermediate level to receive the CA Final Level. According to the ICAI’s CA syllabus, a student has eight months to finish all of these subjects.

Syllabus for CA Intermediate Course November 2023
Group 1 Group 2
Paper – 1: Accounting:

This Accounting paper comprises 100 marks. Students must have to secure a 40% mark to clear this exam.

Topics under this module:

  1. Process of formulation of Accounting Standards including Ind ASs (IFRS converged standards) and IFRSs; convergence vs adoption; objective and concepts of carve-outs.
  2. Framework for Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements 
  3. Application of Accounting Standards
  4. Company Accounts
  5. Accounting for Special Transactions
  6. Special Type of Accounting
  7. Dissolution of partnership firms including piecemeal distribution of assets; 

The amalgamation of partnership firms; Conversion of partnership firm into a company and Sale to a company; Issues related to accounting in Limited Liability Partnership.

Paper – 5: Advanced Accounting:

This paper consists of 100 marks. Students must have to secure 40% to clear the paper.

Topics under this module:

  1. Application of Accounting Standards. (AS – 7,9,14,18,19,20,24,26,29)
  2. Application of Guidance Notes issued by the ICAI on specific accounting aspects.
  3. Special aspects of Company Accounts.
  4. Reorganisation of Companies.
  5. Financial Reporting of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance.
  6. Valuation of Goodwill.
  7. Consolidated Financial Statements.



Paper – 2: Business Laws, Ethics, and Communication:

This paper has 2 parts.

One is company law, and another is other laws. These 2 parts carry 50 marks each.

Topics under this module:

  1. Preliminary
  2. Incorporation of Company and Matters Incidental thereto
  3. Prospectus and Allotment of Securities
  4. Share Capital and Debentures
  5. Acceptance of Deposits by companies
  6. Registration of Charges
  7. Management and Administration
  8. Declaration and Payment of Dividend
  9. Accounts of Companies
  10. Audit and Auditors

Note- Sections of the Companies Act, 1956 which are still in force will form part of your syllabus.

SECTION – B    Other Laws

Laws covered under this section –

  1. The Indian Contract Act, 1872
  2. The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
  3. The General Clauses Act, 1897
  4. Interpretation of Statutes.
Paper – 6: Auditing and Assurance:

This paper is 100 marks.

Topics under this module:

  1. Nature, Objective, and Scope of Audit.
    1. Auditing Concepts.
    2. Standard Setting  Process.
    3. Engagement Standards
  2. Audit Strategy, Audit Planning, and Audit Programme.
  3. Audit Documentation and Audit Evidence
  4. Risk Assessment and Internal Control.
  5. Fraud and Responsibilities of an Auditor in this regard.
  6. Audit in an Automated Environment.
  7. Audit Sampling.
  8. Analytical Procedures.
  9. Audit of Items of Financial Statements.
  10. The Company Audit
  11. Audit Report
  12. Audit of Banks
  13. Audit of Different types of Entities. 
Paper – 4: Taxation

This paper is divided into two sections.

One Section: Income tax law – 50 marks 2nd Section: Indirect taxes –  50 marks also.

SECTION – 1  Income Tax

  1. Basic concepts
  2. Residential status and scope of total income
  3. Income which does not form part of the total income
  4. Heads of Income and computation of Income under various heads-
    1. Salaries
    2. Income from House Property
    3. Income from Business and Profession
    4. Capital Gains
    5. Income from other sources
  5. Income of other persons included in assessee’s total income
  6. Aggregation of Income, Set off or Carry forward and set off of losses.
  7. Deduction from the Gross Total Income
  8. Computation of total income and tax liability of Individuals.
  9. Advance Tax, Tax deduction at source, and Introduction to Tax Collection at Source
  10. Provisions for filing return of Income and Self Assessment.

SECTION – 2nd   Indirect Taxes

Topics covered under this head are-

  1. Concept of indirect taxes
  2. Concept and features of indirect taxes
  3. Principal indirect taxes
  4. Goods and Services Tax (GST) Laws
  5. GST Laws: An introduction including Constitutional aspects
  6. Levy and collection of CGST and IGST
  7. Application of CGST / IGST law
  8. Concept of supply including composite and mixed supplies
  9. Charge of tax
  10. Exemption from tax
  11. Composition levy

iii. Basic concepts of time and value of supply

  1. Input tax credit
  2. Computation of GST liability
  3. Registration

vii. Tax invoice; Credit and Debit Notes; Electronic way bill

viii. Returns

  1. Payment of tax including reverse charge
Paper – 8: Financial Management and Economics for Finance:

This paper also has two sections. 

Section One: Financial Management

Section 2nd: Economics for Finance. 

Both sections carry 100 marks like paper 7.

SECTION – 1:  Financial Management

Topics under this section:

  • Financial Management and Financial Analysis.
    • Introduction to the Financial Management Functions
    • Financial Analysis through Ratios
  • Financing Decisions
    • Sources of Finance
    • Lease Financing
    • Cost of Capital
    • Capital Structure Decisions
    • Leverages
  • Capital Investment and Dividend Decisions
    • Capital Investment Decisions
    • Adjustment of Risk and Uncertainty in Capital Budgeting Decision
    • Dividend Decisions
  • Management of Working Capital

These are the topics that you will study in depth under this section.

SECTION – 2nd  Economics for Finance

Topics under this section:

  1. Determination of National Income
  2. Public Finance
  3. The Money Market
  4. The International Trade



The CA intermediate exam carries a maximum score of 800. Comparatively speaking, the CA foundation level is easier than this level. Students should therefore focus closely on this level of exam. 

ICAI CA Intermediate Exam Pattern November 2023

Particulars Details
Exam Mode Pen and paper-based
Type of question Objective cum subjective
Exam Duration 3 hours per paper
Medium of Exam English/ Hindi
Number of Papers Eight
Number of Marks 100 per paper
Negative Marking None

ICAI CA Intermediate Marking Scheme November 2023

Check out the following table for each CA Inter paper’s marking structure and subject-by-subject distribution of marks.

Papers Marks Distribution
Group 1
Paper 1: Accounting 100
Paper 2: Corporate and Other Law

Part 1: Company Laws

Part 2: Other Laws




Paper 3 Cost and Management Accounting 100
Paper 4: Taxation

Part A: Income Tax Law

Part B: Indirect Tax Laws




Group 2:
Paper 5: Advanced Accounting 100
Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance 100
Paper 7: Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management

Part A: Enterprise Information System

Part B: Strategic Management




Paper 8: Financial Management and Economics for Finance

Part A: Financial Management

Part B: Economics for Finance




4 papers in the CA Inter study plan contain practical or MCQ-based problems. 

These are the papers:

  • Other Laws and Corporate Law (Paper-2)
  • Enterprise information systems and strategic management (Paper 7) 
  • Taxation (Paper 4) Auditing and Assurance (Paper 6)
  • MCQ-based questions worth 30 marks will be included in these 4 papers.


MCQ-based questions worth 30 marks will be included in these 4 papers.

Paper Comprehension & Knowledge Application
Paper 1: Accounting 5%-15% 85%-95%
Paper 2 Part 1: Corporate Laws 40%-55% 45%-60%
Paper 2 Part 2: Other Laws 35%-55% 45%-65%
Paper 3 Cost and Management Accounting 20%-30% 70%-80%
Paper 4A: Taxation- Income Tax Law 5%-20% 80%-95%
Paper 4B: Taxation- Indirect Tax Laws 20%-45% 55%-80%
Paper 5: Advanced Accounting 30%-55% 45%-70%
Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance 5%-15% 85%-95%
Paper 7A: Enterprise Information System 30%-55% 45%-70%
Paper 7B: Strategic Management 50%-70% 30%-50%
Paper 8A: Financial Management 20%-30% 70%-80%
Paper 8B: Economics for Finance 60%-80% 20%-40%

Following the comprehension of the CA Inter Syllabus, the questions now follow:

  • What to study for the CA Inter exams in May 2023
  • How should I prepare for the May 2023 CA Inter Exams?
  • When should I start studying for the CA Inter Nov 2023 exams?
  • Is the ICAI study material adequate for preparing for the CA exam?
  • Which test series is ideal for practising for the CA exams?

Do not fear; you will get all of the information you need in this post to prepare for the CA Exams in November 2023.

What to study for CA Inter November 2023 Exams?

CA college students, be careful not to become overwhelmed by the variety of study materials available online and in bookstores. Never omit ICAI Study Materials & Resources such as: if you wish to adequately prepare for the CA Intermediate exams.

  • Mock test questions
  • Year-old papers
  • Exam papers for revision, etc.

 According to last year’s CA test top scorers, CA Test Series also offers the best study materials for the CA exams, which are adequate for students to receive high scores. 

As the best CA Inter Test Series Provider, CA Test Series is recognised as follows:

  • It provides the best test papers and an immediate question-solving service.
  • Application-based questions that have not before been encountered outside of ICAI mat questions
  • Comments on the evaluation that are specific (not general)
  • Discussion of mistakes with professors Most seasoned team (India’s largest network of Ex-Examiners)
  • Our test series is made available to students by more than 17 major faculties.
  • Indian Union Ranking out of 10k+ & more – Results for November 2022 As Evidence That Speaks To The Quality of Our Mock Test Papers!

How to study for the CA Inter Exams of November 2023?

  • 10–12 hours each day for study
  • Important Subjects (4 hours of practice every day): Accounts, Cost Accounting, and Advance Accounting
  • Subjects: Law, Eco, Social Studies
  • Audit and enterprise information systems are among the topics that need to be revised during the next 15 days.


Here are some suggestions to expedite CA inter study plan to help you prepare your exams: 

  • Make a good learning environment your choice.
  • Your chair should be comfortable, as should the lighting in the area.
  • When studying, maintain a straight posture and comfort.
  • Make sure there are no distractions when you are studying.
  • Make well-organised notes and use marks to emphasise key ideas.
  • Utilise the updated curriculum compilers following ICAI updates.

When to study for CA Inter November 2023 Exams?

Note to students: 

You must be determined to stick to the study schedule. Students can utilise this CA Intermediate study plan to adequately prepare for the CA Inter examinations in 2023. You may also read our post, “Practical and Effective Advice to Pass CA Inter in First Attempt – CA Test Series.” You will have seven months to prepare for your exams because, as you are aware, they will be in November 2023. 

Thus, the completion of the entire CA intermediate course content available on the ICAI official website should be the monthly objective! So that you can easily get ready for tests, let’s find out the study programmes for CA Inter tests Nov 2023 – Month Wise.

November 2023 First Month Study Plan for CA Inter:

Having a thorough understanding of the CA Inter syllabus will help you create accurate handwritten notes. Students attempt to cover all of the theoretical material for each chapter of the CA examinations during the first month of preparation.

November 2023 Second Month Study Plan for CA Inter:

Continue to put your attention on the theoretical parts of the subjects and make an effort to understand the underlying concepts so that things will be simpler for you in further studies.

Given the size of the course content and the importance of consistency in your study habits, you must perform well on tests.

November 2023: CA Inter Third-Month Preparation Plan

It’s time to practise solving real-world situations all day long. You must complete the course syllabus by the due date to give yourself enough time to revise and practise for the tests, which are just 5 months away now.

Last Four Months of the CA Inter Study Plan

It’s time to resolve any doubts. Consult your mentors or elders for assistance if you need it if you have any doubts.

Be precise & concentrated on a practical aspect of the CA interaction. 

Fifth Month Study Schedule for November 2023 CA Inter:

Now is the moment to focus on the subject you are knowledgeable about and attempt to resolve any issues or conundrums related to that issue or inquiry. Make your concepts solid by talking to teachers or your seniors or seeking their advice.

Sixth Month Study Plan for November 2023 CA Inter:

Finally, remember that you still have work to complete on the course even though your tests are coming up. 

Keep up your CA Inter study plan and make sure you go through the remaining material.

7th Month – CA Inter Study Plan November 2023:

Now is the time to maintain a healthy, fit mind and body. Avoid being anxious or overconfident at this time. 

Your entire preparation will be ruined by a few simple errors or ignorance, so try to be composed and relaxed.

During this time, stick to a focused and regular study schedule and maintain your self-assurance.

Studying for the CA Inter Exams from Last Month:

  • Create a schedule that suits your needs.
  • Don’t focus on the theoretical topic all day.
  • There should be at least one subject available for exemption.
  • Go over your class notes in detail.
  • Put your trust in your tutor and stick to reading one book at a time.
  • Observe the timeline provided in the letter for each issue.
  • On the day of the exam, jot down quick notes to quickly review important concepts.

5-Step Comprehensive Study Plan For November 2023 CA Exams

Let’s look at a 5-step, 100%-effective method for getting ready for the CA Inter Exams. 

Step 1: is to educate yourself on the CA Inter test.

Step 2: Lay a strong foundation

Step 3: Develop Your Talents

Step 4: Improve your ability to write responses.

Step 5: Take a practice exam to get ready for the CA Final Exams.

First, become familiar with the ICAI tests.

Before preparing for any exam, it is crucial to have a solid grasp of ICAI examinations.

  • Carefully read through the ICAI Exam Notification to familiarise yourself with the Exam Syllabus, Exam Structure, Exam Time Limit, and Exam Eligibility Criteria.
  • After that, look at and read through the papers from prior years to get a sense of the types of questions that will be asked throughout the exam.
  • If you devote the allotted time to this activity, you will cut down on preparation time significantly!

Step 2: Make your base stronger 

Whatever your background, you must comprehend the fundamentals of accounting and law.

  • As a result, thoroughly read the foundation books, which are available on the ICAI website for free.
  • Double-check that you have read them.

Step 3: Expand Your Knowledge by Reading the ICAI Recommended Books

  • ICAI.ORG offers comprehensive study materials for the CA Final, Intermediate, or Foundation exams. From ICAI.ORG, you can obtain comprehensive study materials for the CA Final, Intermediate, or Foundation exams.
  • After reading the books at least twice, make handwritten notes that you can later refer to when writing answers.

Step 4: Write sample answers and revise them

  • Practise and review of answering questions play a significant part in the overall strategy of CA Intermediate and Final preparation.
  • You can begin practising answering questions after you have done studying one topic on the study mat.
  • In the past, the exercise would be useless because you would have to rely on books for the answers’ content.

Mock-test-based learning is the fifth step.

Three months before the CA final and intermediate tests, you should begin employing test-based study strategies that involve mock exams.

You’ll experience the same sense of pressure as during an exam.

Once you become used to it, it will aid in your ability to unwind before exams.

  • Examine your results after taking one mock exam in the exam format.
  • Examine your weak areas and go through the material you forgot.

It will not only aid in exam anxiety management, but it will also help you prepare well for the test.

When to study for CA Inter Nov 2023 exams?

How do you divide up your day to prepare for the CA Inter Exam?

It is crucial to realise that every minute matters if you hope to perform well in the CA inter exams. The preparation requires all of your energy and hard work. Early in the morning, about 4 a.m. You should get up. You should be prepared by 5 a.m. Studies carried out at this time, which is from 4:00 am to 6:00 am, are remembered for a very long time and are referred to as Brahma Muhurta.

Here is a schedule you can follow during your CA Inter study plan:

Timings Activity
5 AM. To 7.00 AM  
7 AM. to 7.30 AM. Breakfast Time
7.30 AM to 10.30 AM Read theory – your mind is always fresh in the early morning
10.30 AM to 11.00 AM Relaxation Time
11.00 AM to 1 PM. Do/solve practical problems.
1 PM to 2 PM Lunch Time
2 PM to 3 PM Take a short nap
3 PM to 5 PM Do/solve practical problems.
5 PM to 5.30 PM Take a break.
5.30 PM to 8 PM Read theory.
8 PM to 9 PM Dinner Time
9 PM to 10 PM Relax Yourself
10 PM to 12 PM Do/solve practical problems
12 PM to 4 AM Have a full night of sleep

Is ICAI study material sufficient for ca exams preparation?

Yes, the ICAI study materials are sufficient for passing the CA tests. However, many students find it challenging to understand the principles because of the challenging terminology. In that scenario, we advise you to sign up for a few top exam series and study guides created by top CA faculty who prepare with the ICAI study guides in mind. which was developed with students in mind by professional mentors with more than five years of experience, is simple to understand because the language and visual presentation are both straightforward and well-presented.

Therefore, do not waste your time attempting to respond to the same questions from the ICAI study guide and handbook repeatedly. The questions in CA Inter Notes 2023 and earlier attempts contain every question from the ICAI study guide and practise manual. So, with the aid of the sample questions and answers from Lecture Kharido you are prepared to ace the CA Inter November 2022 Exam.


The Most Important Tip For CA Inter Exams is as a result:

  • Review, practise MTPs, assess your performance, and Review the portions of your practise MTPs that you know well to get a good CA exam score!
  • Good attitudes, good health, and good strategies all lead to good grades.
  • Never give up no matter what happens!
  • Keep your cool at all times. Just maintain your composure and confidence!
  • Just give your best and keep up the good work! 
  • In order for you to prepare for the CA Inter Exams in November 2023 and succeed, we believe this post will be helpful.