CA Course Fees in India for Foundation, Intermediate and Final 2023

ca course fees in india

For commerce students, one of the most popular post-secondary options is chartered accounting. The two main causes are the high CA remuneration and the rising demand for Chartered Accountants. You must pass the Foundation, Intermediate, and Final tests in order to become a CA. The CA program will last five years if you pass all three tests on your first try. The most often asked question by candidates for the CA exam right now is how much the five-year CA course fees in India will cost overall.
As a result, you’ll find all the information you need concerning the ICAI CA Course fees in India structure in this post. It includes the fee of CA registration, the exam application, the articleship, and all levels of tuition.

Total Fees for CA Course for Foundation, Intermediate & Final 2023

About 2-3 lakhs are the overall fee of the CA course in India. The cost of the CA Foundation program is Rs. 11,300. For both groups, the CA Intermediate costs are Rs. 34,200, while for just one group, they are Rs. 28,000. Additionally, both groups must pay Rs. 39,800 for the CA Final course fee in India. Additionally, the direct admission candidate’s price is Rs. 76200, which only covers the registration and exam form fees.

CA Course Fees Indian Student Foreign Student
CA Foundation ₹11,300 $1105
CA Intermediate (Single group) ₹28,000 $925
CA Intermediate (Both groups) ₹34,200 $1500
CA Intermediate (Direct Entry) ₹34,400 $1500
Articleship Fee ₹2,000  
CA Final ₹39,800 $1650

CA Foundation Course Fees

The entire fee of the CA Foundation course is Rs. 11,300. It comprises the Rs. 1500 exam form price as well as the Rs. 9200 registration fee for the CA Foundation. In addition, there is a prospectus charge of Rs. 200, a student journal price of Rs. 200, and an optional Rs. 400 member journal fee. The cost of tuition for those who wish to enroll in coaching ranges from 40,000 to 50,000 rupees.
Although paying for journal subscriptions is optional, we advise you to do so because doing so will keep you up to speed on the chartered accountant foundation course and other study resources.

CA Foundation Fee Rs (Indian Students) US$ (Foreign Students)
Cost of Foundation Prospectus ₹ 200 $ 20
CA Foundation Registration Fees ₹ 9000 $ 700
Subscription Fees for Student’s Journal (Optional) ₹ 200 $ 20
Subscription Fees for Member’s Journal (Optional) ₹ 400 $ 40
CA Foundation Exam Form Fees ₹ 1500 $ 325
Total CA Foundation Course Fees ₹ 11300 $ 1105

CA Foundation Registration Fees

The entire cost to register with the CA Foundation is 10,800. The CA Foundation registration fees are broken down as follows:

  • Fees for CA Foundation Registration: $9,000
  • The prospectus costs 200.
  • Journal of the Student – 200
  • 400 in the Member’s Journal

Registration with the CA Foundation is good for three years. Therefore, you must pay an additional Rs. 500 to have your registration form revalidated.

CA Foundation Journal Membership Fees

Students who wish to apply for Journal Membership must pay an optional fee of Rs. 200. The ICAI offers students knowledge-rich information as part of the journal membership.

CA Foundation Exam Form Fees 2023

Students must additionally complete the CA Foundation exam form after registering. The cost of the CA Foundation exam is:

  • For Indian pupils, 1500
  • 2200 for students in Kathmandu
  • $325 for students from abroad

For submitting the CA Foundation exam form after the deadline, the ICAI levies a late fee of Rs. 600.

CA Foundation Fees for Re-appearing Students

When submitting the exam form for the subsequent trial, students who are retaking the CA Foundation exams must just pay the exam cost. They are exempt from paying the registration cost once more.

CA Intermediate Course Fee Structure

CA Intermediate Fees Both Groups (₹) Single Group (₹) Both Groups ($) Single Group ($)
CA Intermediate Registration Fees ₹ 15000 ₹ 11000 $ 1000 $ 600
Student’s Activity Fees for CA Intermediate ₹ 2000 ₹ 2000*    
CA Intermediate Registration Fees (as article assistant) ₹ 1000      
CA Intermediate Exam Form ₹ 2700 ₹ 1500 $ 500 $ 325
Total CA Intermediate Fees ₹ 20700 ₹ 14500 $ 1500 $ 925

* to be paid once*

Students have two registration options for the CA Intermediate Course: Foundation or Direct entrance. Students who have registered via the Foundation pathway may apply for one group at a time or both. Graduate students, on the other hand, must choose between the two categories if they have directly registered for CA Intermediate.

What is the CA Intermediate Registration Fee?

The registration fee for CA Intermediate is Rs. 13,000 for one group and Rs. 18,000 for both groups. When registering, students must pay their fees online. Students who apply via direct entrance are required to enroll in both groups.

CA Intermediate Exam Form Fee

The fee for the CA Intermediate exam form is 2700 for both groups and 1500 for just one. The ICAI costs $500 for both groups and $325 for a single group of overseas students. Students must pay late fines of 600 yen if they are unable to complete the form by the deadline.

Journal Fee for Intermediate level

Students enrolled via direct admission are required to pay the journal cost of Rs. 200. Additionally, it is free for students doing the Foundation route.

Student’s Activity Fees for CA Intermediate

The Intermediate level activity cost for the student is 2000. Students must pay this charge to participate in the ICAI’s different seminars and workshops.

ICITSS Fees at the CA Intermediate Level

Students must complete the ICITSS programme before beginning their article ship training and after enrolling in the CA Intermediate course. It comprises an orientation programme and information technology training.
The price for these courses is as follows:

  • Orientation Programme: 7000
  • Information Technology Programme: 6500
  • Join Lecture Kahrido’s CA Intermediate lessons to assure your success on the Intermediate examinations.

CA Final Course Fee Structure

For both groups, the entire course fee for the CA Final is Rs. 39800, and for only one group, it is Rs. 38300. It comprises the Rs. 22,000 CA Final registration cost as well as the Rs. 3300 for both groups and Rs. 1800 for a single group’s exam form fees. Furthermore, international students must pay $1650 in total for their CA final fees.

For a detailed breakdown of CA fees at the CA Final level, see the table: 

CA Final Fees Both Group Single Group Overseas Students
CA Final Registration fees ₹ 22000 ₹ 22000 $ 1100
CA Final Exam Form fees ₹ 3300 ₹ 1800 $ 550
Total ₹ 39800 ₹ 38300 $ 1650

CA Final Registration Fees

Students may sign up for the CA Final exams after passing the CA Inter both groups and article ship training. The ICAI charges $1100 from international students and 22000 from Indian students for registering for the CA Final.

CA Final Exam Form

Candidates can submit one application or both applications at once. Therefore, the CA Final test form fee is 3300 for both groups and 1800 for just one group. Additionally, $550 is required for the CA Final examination for international students. The CA Final application form has a 600 rupee late fee.

AICITSS Fees at the Final Level

In their final two years of article ship training, candidates must complete AICITSS, which consists of the Management and Communication Skills program and the Advance Information Training program.

The following is the CA Course price for such training:

  • Program for Advanced Information Technology: $7500
  • Skills in management and communication cost $7000.

Important Announcement for Students:

For students who lost one or more of their parents to the Covid-19 Pandemic, ICAI has decided to waive the CA Course Fee. This programme is available for three years, from April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2023.

Fees for the CA Articleship Training

In addition to the aforementioned studies, students must undergo three years of article ship training. After passing either one or both CA Intermediate groups, candidates can register for article ship training.
The cost for students to sign up for the article ship training is Rs. 2000.

How Much Fee Does a CA Coaching Charge for All Levels?

The overall cost of the Chartered Accountancy course at a reputable CA coaching is Rs. 2.3 lakhs. The CA Foundation course in this country costs Rs 53,000, CA Intermediate costs Rs 90,000, and CA Final costs Rs 100,000. Students must pay more costs if they attempt the tests more than once.

Check out the chart below for a detailed breakdown of a CA coaching institute’s fees:

CA Course Level CA Coaching Fees
CA Foundation ₹ 53,000
CA Intermediate(Single group) ₹ 50,000
CA Intermediate (Both groups) ₹ 90,000
CA Final (Single Group) ₹ 50,000
CA Final (Both Groups) ₹ 100,000

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I hope this article has been useful in letting you know the complete cost of the CA course in India in 2023, starting with the CA Foundation registration.
The cost and length of the CA Course fees in India will differ for students at various levels. Some people pass the CA tests on their first try, while others need three to four tries. This will increase the length of the course as well as the cost of the textbooks, study guides, and exam papers.

FAQs :

Q1. What is the total CA Course fees in India?

The overall cost of the five-year Chartered Accountancy program is in the range of INR 3.5 to 4 lakhs. It covers the price of paying the tuition for all levels, study materials, and the cost of submitting registration and exam forms. However, the total fees can be lowered by at least $90,000 if we additionally take into account the stipend obtained throughout the three years of articles.

Q2. What is the entry fee for the Chartered Accountancy course?

Entry into the CA programme is Rs. 9200, which also covers CA Foundation registration.

Q3. Is studying CA costly?

No, CA is among India’s most reasonably priced professional programs. Compared to other programs like MBA, engineering, etc. This course has lower costs.

Q4. How many years are required to become a CA?

If a candidate passes all of the examinations on their first try, they will need at least five years to become a CA. If not, the CA Course will take an additional 6 months for each attempt.

Q5. How much does a fresher CA earn?

An entry-level CA makes between 6 and 8 lakhs per year. 

Q6. What is the total amount I have to pay for the CA Foundation Course?

You must pay Rs. 11,300 in total for the CA Foundation course. The exam application and registration expenses are also included.

Q7. What are the CA registration fees for direct entry routes in intermediate?

Along with 200 for the registration form and student, you must pay registration fees totaling 15,000 for both groups.

Q8. Do I need to pay journal subscription fees every year?

No, there are no mandatory subscription fees for the journal. Throughout the whole course, the total free eligibility duration is 42 months. The Journal requires an annual subscription fee of Rs. 200 from students at the Foundation level.

Q 9. Is my registration fee refundable?

No, registration and exam costs are non-refundable. Only in cases of technological failure is there an option for reimbursement.