ICAI CA New Scheme 2023 Latest Updates, Applicability & New Syllabus


The ICAI recently suggested a CA new scheme of education and training, dubbed the “ICAI CA New Scheme 2023.” All three levels of the CA Course and the three-year practical training have undergone significant changes under the redesigned educational framework.

The new CA syllabus for 2023 combines some papers from all three levels while removing others. The new model also shortens the CA article-ship time from three to two years.

ICAI CA Course Level New Changes
CA Foundation 4 Subjects from 6 Subjects
CA Intermediate 6 Papers (3 in each Group)
CA Article ship Period Reduced from 3 to 2 years
CA Final 6 Papers (3 in each Group)

Additionally, there have been numerous modifications to the eligibility requirements, registration deadline, syllabus, subjects, paper format, passing standards, exemptions, training breaks, and withdrawal from the CA course. So, in this article, we’ll cover everything there is to know about the ICAI’s planned new education and training system for 2023, including the most recent modifications and a comparison of the old and new schemes.

Watch the thorough video explanation by CA RC Sharma sir to fully comprehend every topic of the CA new syllabus 2023.

ICAI CA New Scheme of Education and Training 2023

Let’s first look at the length of the CA Course under the new structure before delving into the specifics of each course and training.

In the new CA plan, which will be in effect starting in May 2024, it will therefore take a student 42 months to become a chartered accountant.

ICAI CA Course Level Current New Changes
CA Foundation Registration/ Appear 10 + 2 Start Start
CA Foundation Study Period 4 Months 4 Months
CA Intermediate Study Period 8 Months 8 Months
CA Articleship 36 Months 24 Months
CA Final Study Period 6 Months
Total CA Course Duration 48 Months 42 Months
Work Experience for CoP 12 Months

Latest Update on ICAI CA New Course

ICAI New Course Approved by Central Government

The CA New course has received approval from the Law Ministry, and the new system will be used beginning with the May 2024 tests. Anupam Sharma, a CA and member of the ICAI, tweeted the update. It will shortly be publicly announced by ICAI.

We advise all CA students whose papers are due in May 2024 to make an effort to plan their studies appropriately.

The council meeting for the CA new course has been postponed until June 15, 2023, according to a recent tweet from CA Anupam Sharma on May 26, 2023. Students will need to wait a bit longer to receive the official confirmation of the new ICAI course 2023.

In July 2023, the ICAI CA course’s new structure will go into effect. In the press conference, ICAI President Aniket Talati made the announcement. The new course will also include AI and blockchain to aid CA students in becoming globally competent.

ICAI CA New Scheme 2023 Applicability Date – Latest Update

Beginning with the May 2024 attempt, the CA New Scheme 2023 will be put into effect. According to an ICAI representative, the new course won’t be relevant starting in November 2023.

According to CA Aniket Sunil Talati, vice-president of the ICAI, the CA New Scheme 2023 will be put into effect starting in November 2023 if the MCA approves it before February 2023. The revised programme will be in effect starting in May 2024 if the MCA delays approval.

CA Foundation New Course 2023

There isn’t currently a requirement for how many times one must retake the CA Foundation course. Students may therefore make as many attempts as they choose. Additionally, the CA Foundation registration validity may be renewed numerous times.

However, under the proposed education and training plan, kids may enroll after the 10th, and their registration with the CA Foundation is good for four years. After those four years, students are also not permitted to revalidate their foundation registration.

Additionally, there will no longer be a cut-off date for CA Foundation enrollment like January 1 or July 1. This will make it possible for ICAI to hold three exams each year.

CA Foundation New Syllabus 2023

Currently, there are 6 subjects and 4 papers in the CA Foundation syllabus. Currently, Business Correspondence & Reporting and Business & Commercial Knowledge have been eliminated from the new programme by the ICAI.

The CA Foundation new syllabus 2023 is as follows:

  • Paper – 1: Accounting (100 Marks)
  • Paper – 2: Business Laws (100 Marks)
  • Paper – 3: Quantitative Aptitude (100 Marks)
    • Business Mathematics
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Statistics
  • Paper – 4: Business Economics (100 Marks)

CA Foundation Passing Criteria

The CA Foundation test pattern has also undergone some adjustments thanks to the ICAI. According to the new system, students must receive 50% of the possible points to pass the CA Foundation tests, and each incorrect MCQ answer will result in a.25 point deduction.

Current Proposed
Subjective and Objective both Subjective and Objective with negative marking (.25)

All of these adjustments are part of the new curriculum and training programme for the CA Foundation course. You can sign up for Lecture Kharido’s CA Foundation tutoring if you plan to study for the 2023 CA examinations. We base every aspect of our classes on the most recent ICAI exam format and study guides.

CA Intermediate Course under New Scheme 2023

CA Intermediate Eligibility

The prerequisites for the CA Intermediate course have not changed. The direct entry route candidates must, however, put in an 8-month study period in order to take the tests.

CA Intermediate Registration Validity

The CA Intermediate registration is now valid for five years rather than four. Students enrolled in CA Intermediate can only revalidate their registration form once with the required costs.

CA Intermediate New Syllabus 2023

Instead of 8, there will now be 6 papers in the CA Intermediate course. The following adjustments to the CA Intermediate subjects have been suggested by the ICAI:

  • The first paper will be Advanced Accounting since Papers 1 and 5 have been combined into one.
  • Enterprise Information Systems and Economics for Finance are dropped from papers 7 and 8, respectively. The remaining portion is combined into Financial Management and Strategic Management in Paper 6 (50 points plus 50 points).
  • The Companies Act will be fully covered in Paper 2 of corporate law. The CA Foundation level will cover its section of business law.

Now, there will be 2 groups of 3 papers each.

CA Intermediate Passing Criteria

The standards for completing the CA Intermediate exams will also alter. Therefore, all 6 papers will have 30% MCQ-based questions. Additionally,.25 of the final grade will be subtracted for each incorrect response.

Exemption Criteria for CA Intermediate

If you receive an exemption under the new system, it will apply to all future submissions of that work. This means that the ICAI will consider the exempted papers to have passed permanently. However, in order to receive a CA intermediate result, you must pass the remaining papers with a minimum of 50%.

CA Articleship Training

The students will benefit from the considerable modifications that ICAI has suggested for the CA articleship Training.

Practical Training Time Period/Duration

The length of the CA articleship has been shortened by ICAI from three years to two. The fact that all CA applicants can now become CAs sooner than before is fantastic news for everyone. However, there is a need for candidates who desire to become practitioners along with the shorter CA Articleship time. Students who want to work as CAs must have one year of experience at a firm that specialises in chartered accounting. They will then be given a practise certificate. Existing CAs will be considered to have met this requirement if they have spent one year working for a CA firm in the previous five years. Aspirants who are looking for employment are not subject to this condition.

CA Articleship Eligibility

According to the CA New Scheme 2023, students must pass both the CA Intermediate group exams and the ICITSS training to be qualified to begin the articleship training.

The change will be advantageous to the student because they can now completely concentrate on the practical training and don’t have to worry about studying for exams.

CA Articleship Stipend

The poor pay for their CA articleship is a common complaint among students. As a result, the ICAI voted to boost the stipend by 100%.

CA Articleship Leaves

The ICAI has decreased the amount of leaves because students are not required to take tests during the practical training. Only 12 leaves are permitted for students per year, for a total of 24 leaves across two years.

ICAI Self-paced Modules

Self-paced modules have been added by ICAI as part of the new education and training programme. These modules are available for independent study and online testing.

Set A, Set B, Set C, and Set D are the four sets that make up the self-paced modules.

Students must pass these 4 sets of tests in order to be qualified to take the CA Final exams. They must receive more than 50% of the possible points in order to pass these modules.

Sets A and B, which are Economics Law and Strategic Cost Management, are the only two that must be taken. Additionally, here are the CA Final old course’s deleted subjects.

The other two groups allow pupils to select their own topics. During the articleship programme, students can study for these self-paced courses online and pass their tests at the same time.

CA Final Course under New Scheme of Education and Training

CA Final Eligibility and Registration

Students must pass both groups of the CA Intermediate exams and finish the ICITSS training in order to be able to enroll in the CA Final course.

But in order to take the CA Final exams, students must:

  • The Advanced ICITISS Course.
  • Upon completion of the practical training, complete the six-month study session.
  • Complete the four self-paced modules.

The registration for the CA Final is good for ten years. After ten years, candidates can revalidate their registration for the required cost.

CA Final New Syllabus 2023

The ICAI has decreased the number of CA Final papers from 8 to 6 in the CA New Scheme 2023. There are currently 2 groups, each of which will include 3 papers.

Significant alterations made to the CA The final subjects are: 

  • Papers 4 and 5’s topics will be dropped and added to the self-paced modules.
  • There won’t be any options in Paper 6 anymore. A multidisciplinary case study with strategic management will be used.
  • Capital markets, risk management, and other elective topics are now included in Set C of the self-paced courses.

CA Final Exam Pattern

Like the new CA Intermediate course in 2022, all CA Final papers will have 30% MCQs. Additionally, every incorrect objective response will receive a 25% negative marking.

The CA Final exemption regulations are identical to CA Intermediate. Check out this in-depth article for the most recent information on the CA Final results.

Exit Route – Business Accounting Associate

The new CA Course 2023 will also change the exit route. Students typically drop out of the CA course after failing to pass the final exams.

The ICAI will now issue the certificate of Business Accounting Associate in place of Accounting Technician. However, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Both groups of CA Intermediate were passed.
  • The CA Articleship Training is finished.
  • completed the information technology and soft skills courses.
  • I completed all 4 of the self-paced modules.

For more information about the new proposed plan, students can view the PPT presentation and pdf created by the ICAI, which is also the author of this article.


This is all about the recently proposed CA New Scheme of Education and Training by ICAI, which will be applicable beginning with the May 2024 examinations. Future chartered accountants will gain from the new course since it will better prepare them for global markets.

Keep checking Lecture Kahrido’s page since we will update it with all ICAI news pertaining to the new CA Course plan.