Having taught in the field of finance for both domestic and international courses for more than 25 years, CA With his wisdom, Sanjay Saraf has influenced the brains of numerous students. He is one of the best lecturers available for courses at the CA Final level on financial services and capital markets (FSCM), risk management, and strategic financial management (SFM).

CA A lot of people find Sanjay Saraf’s collection of work to be appealing. He received a certificate in 1998 for attaining the top marks in financial management and quantitative methods. Additionally, he won a silver medal in the Ms Finance group beta. He was awarded a diploma for earning the highest possible score in international finance in 1999, as well as a gold medal in Ms Finance group epsilon. Later, in September 2006, the honourable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh presented him with a merit certificate for Strategic Financial Management (SFM) and a gold medal for group Lambda.

CA Sanjay Saraf’s lessons amply demonstrate the many accomplishments and honours that he has received. Many students have praised his teaching methods. He has been providing pupils with high-quality instruction through informal teaching techniques and a friendly demeanour.
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CA Inter Fm By Sanjay Saraf Regular Batch for May/ Nov 2024

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CA Final AFM By Sanjay Saraf – Regular Batch – For May/ Nov 2024

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