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CA Final IDT (Indirect Tax) Syllabus, Study Material, Papers 2023

CA Foundation is the first course, followed by CA Intermediate and CA Final. The CA course’s final phase is known as CA Finals. In India, you must pass the primary level to become a CA. Nowadays, tests for the CA Final are offered twice a year, in May and November. Moreover, for the May try and the Nov attempt, the CA Final registration deadlines are January 1 and July 1, respectively. After finishing the Two and Half Year course, understudies or rising stars can appear for the CA finals (Internship). The two groups of the CA’s most recent level, which is divided into eight papers, are where the long May and November CA Finals Examinations are organized.

Making proper preparation and adhering to certain procedures, such as answering Mock Test Papers provided by your CA Final Coaching Institutes, answering test papers that are readily available on the official ICAI website, or browsing for sample test papers, will make it simple to ensure that you will place in the CA Finals. You must grasp several important yet straightforward topics, such as the indirect tax paper.

If you want to succeed, you must put a lot of effort into your studies. This article will provide you with a variety of study aids, including prospectuses, mock exam arrangements, test papers, weightings, and other fundamental tests that are accessible online and helpful to personnel. Also, this page will provide links to the updated CA Final Indirect Tax document 2022. The DT Paper 2022 is the most important paper from the following group to guarantee a respectable standing.

Understand CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2023

The eighth paper in the CA final course is known as the CA Final Indirect Tax Paper under the new plan of study. This essay can be divided into three primary sections:

  1. Central Excise It covers Rules, Circulars, and Notifications related to Central Excise Act, 1944 and Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985′
  2. Service tax
  3. GST (10 Marks)

Why should you study CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2023

The prospectus for the CA Final Indirect Tax Paper will help someone understand the best way to construct an indirect tax model and how to manage the entire tax assessment process. As a result, the decision between indirect taxes and international taxes becomes crucial for CA. Merely a few times would be sufficient for modification. It covers, in essence, every change made to the Finance Act of 2017. Even though many students fear this topic, once you begin constantly reviewing the chapters, you’ll realize that it’s the one where getting good grades is the easiest.

Paper Pattern of the CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2023

Paper Pattern: Subjective

Total Question asked: 100

Total Exam Duration: 3 hours

Maximum marks got:100 marks

  • GST (75 MARKS)
  • Customs & FTP (25 Marks)

Total Question Asked: 6 out of which five need to be answered

Assessment Pattern Ratio: 30:70

The CA Final exam dates are out. According to the date sheet, the IDT paper will be conducted on Nov 16, 2022.

ICAI CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2023 Weightage: Chapter Wise for New Course

In the CA Final Indirect Tax Paper 2023, the ICAI has given weight to a few particular chapters based on their practical usefulness and difficulty level. Considering the importance of the various chapters for that particular exam, it will help students plan and study for their exams. The whole data for the sections of the CA Indirect Tax Paper 2022 is provided below.

data for the sections of the CA Indirect Tax Paper 2022 is provided below.

Sections Part I- GST (75 Marks) Weightage
Section I Chapter 1:(ii) Levy and collection of CGST and IGST – Application of CGST/IGST law; Concept of supply including composite

and mixed supplies, inter-State supply, intra-State supply, supplies in territorial waters; Charge of tax (including

reverse charge); Exemption from tax; Composition levy

1 (iii) Place of supply

1 (iv) Time and value of supply

1 (v) Input tax credit

1 (vi) Computation of GST liability

Section II 1 (vii) Procedures under GST including registration, tax invoice, credit and debit notes, electronic waybill, accounts and records, returns, payment of tax including tax deduction at source and tax collection at source, refund, job


1 (viii) Liability to pay in certain case

Section III 1(xi) Demand and Recovery

1(xii) Offences and Penalties

1(xiii) Advance Ruling

1(xiv) Appeals and Revision

Section IV 1) Introduction to GST in India including Constitutional aspects

1(ix) Administration of GST; Assessment and Audit

1(x) Inspection, Search, Seizure, and Arrest

1(xv) Other provisions

5% -10%


Section Part II- Customs and FTP (25Marks) Weightage
Section I (ii) Levy of and exemptions from customs duties – All provisions including the application of customs law, taxable the event, a charge of customs duty, exceptions to levy of customs duty, exemption from customs duty

1(iii) Types of customs duties

1(iv) Classification of imported and export goods

1(iv) Valuation of imported and export goods

40% -65%
Section II 1(vi) Import and Export Procedures including special procedures relating to baggage, goods imported or

exported by post, stores

1(ix) Drawback

1(x) Refund

Foreign Trade Policy

2(ii) Basic concepts relating to export promotion schemes provided under FTP

20% – 45%
Section III 1(1) Introduction to customs law including Constitutional aspects Foreign Trade Policy

2(1) Introduction to FTP – legislation governing FTP, salient features of an FTP, administration of FTP, contents of FTP and other related provisions 2(i) Basic concepts relating to import and export

10% – 20%

CA Final Indirect Tax (IDT) Paper Syllabus 2023

Every year ICAI  revises the syllabus of the CA final under the new scheme. It is very easy to download the entire CA Final Syllabus from here.

CA Final Indirect Tax (IDT) Study Material 2023

This is highly beneficial for CA Final students because they may get the whole CA Finals IDT exam 2022 syllabus for free from ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). All of the major chapters and the fundamental building blocks of the chapters are included in the study guide offered by the ICAI. The CA Final Paper 7 study material is available to you and can be downloaded by just clicking here.

PART I: Goods and Services Tax

Part-II Customs & FTP

Applicants may make reference to the ICAI-provided study materials as well as other course books and online-accessible notes. The top CA Final Coaching Institute and provider of the best CA Final online and Pendrive sessions is LectureKharido.

CA Final IDT Paper Mock test Papers 2023

Every year, the CA syllabus is changed under the ICAI. Candidates can obtain their CA Final Indirect Tax or IDT Paper 2023 for online studies from the URL provided below.

Series-I Series-II
Question Question
Answer Answer

CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2023 Pendrive and Online Classes

The ICAI’s study materials covered practically all of the chapters in your CA Final Indirect Course. Several students favour using ICAI study materials since they help them comprehend each and every subject thoroughly. Together with the online and printed course notes, candidates also favour a variety of course materials. The top CA Final Indirect Tax Pendrive classes are offered by LectureKharido and are taught in a method that effectively covers practically all of the course material. Candidates are given access to these classes in both Hindi and English.

CA Final Indirect Tax (IDT) Preparation Tips

  1. Divide the study material into three parts GST, Foreign policy and necessary amended and updated material.
  2. Whenever you come across any new law or provision or any amendment you need to carefully update it with your study material to save you from any confusion in the future.
  3. Keep yourself updated with the economic news of our country and internationally to understand their impact.

Should I do self-study for CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2023 or should I enroll for CA coaching classes?

Success is within reach if you can carefully study the material in the ICAI-provided syllabus. The essential factor to consider before choosing any CA Coaching Institution for studying in the best method is that professional teachers will give you comprehensive knowledge, which is what you need to acquire the best outcomes. Before taking the tests, students should sharpen their application and analytical skills. The greatest strategy for passing the CA Final Examinations is self-study.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive resource for the CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2022, this post will give you all the information you need and will make it easier to access the exam’s materials. The whole curriculum for the year 2023, study materials, a reference for quick review, and many other things are included in this post, along with advice on how to get ready for the Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2023.Q2. How would you study for the IDT CA Final?

Read the entire book (ICAI study module or any other faculty book) without skipping ahead to the questions. Revise the key points in your notes or Summary book, whichever you feel most comfortable doing.

At that time, choosing Question and Answers is preferable. You can make references to the practice guide or the faculty book. This ensures that while reading Q/A, the entire subject is updated because almost all of the solutions are covered by these questions. Furthermore, if you read the arrangement and take the Q/A, you are far more likely to obtain the right answer than if you wait a month.

Q3. How many attempts can be given for CA Finals?

According to ICAI, 6 attempts can be given for CA finals