CA Final Audit – Syllabus, Study Material, Papers, Tips – 2023

One of the main responsibilities of a CA is auditing, which is a significant topic in the entire CA course. The auditing procedure for any CA in India is going through all of the financial accounts and books, auditing the entries made, and identifying any irregularities. The CA prepares the financial report and attests to it as auditors after auditing all of the company’s transactional papers. His sign verifies that all the information in the report is accurate and carefully observed. The final phase of the CA journey in India is the CA Final Course. Final level students are able to sit for the CA final exams after 2.5 years of article ship in the field of accounting. In May and November of each year, exams are given. Eight papers are divided into two groups for the CA final level. The first group includes Paper 3, Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics, also referred to as the Auditing Paper. The Auditing Paper test for the CA Final will be held on May 7, 2023. We are offering all the required study resources to get ready for the CA final Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics Paper as advice on the study schedule for CA final exams. Students routinely gain a thorough understanding of complicated issues by tackling the MCQ, question paper, sample paper, mock test paper, and model test paper. 

CA Final Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics Paper Pattern 2023

Paper pattern: 30:70 assessment

Total question asked: 30 as MCQ ; 6 In subjective types question, out of which 5 need to be answered.

Total exam duration: 3 hours.

Maximum marks were: 100 marks, 30 for MCQ and 70 for subjective questions.

  • ICAI will assess each question through comprehensive knowledge, analytical skill, and reporting efficiency.
  • Each question has 3 or 4 sections to be addressed and solved.

Students that don’t adhere to the exam answer pattern receive low grades and fail the exam. For further information, see advice for students who failed the CA final.

Advanced Auditing And Professional Ethics skills Assessment 2023

3 levels of preparation are available for the CA Final Advanced Audit examinations.

Make a list of all the questions that can be asked as a list, define, describe, explain, recognize, identify, classify, or discuss in order for CA Final to improve the first level competencies. Your understanding and level of knowledge will be evaluated by these kinds of questions. These questions will weigh between 20 and 35 percent of your exam.

Practice using the ICAI-recommended format for application and analysis abilities for the CA Final second level assessment. To master this talent, practice a lot of questions requiring calculation, conclusion, resolution, computation, identification, and reconciliation. Your application and analytical skills will account for roughly 45% to 70% of your final grade.

Practice using the ICAI format according to the instructions for evaluation and synthesis skills for the CA Final third level exam. To master this talent, practice a lot of questions with calculated, determined, solved, computed, identified, and reconciled types of queries. 10% to 20% of the syllabus will be weighted in your final grade for evaluation and synthesis skills.

Subject: Cost and Management Accounting Nature of Questions Weightage
Comprehension and Knowledge Definition

Describe the process

Explain the concept

Discussing a provision of law

Listing the Condition


Application and Analytical Computation/calculation/estimation

Examining Issue

Reconciling the statements

Identifying the nature of income and expenditure

Calculating profit and loss

Solving Problem by integrating the provision

Evaluation and Synthesis Compute income and profit and loss by assessing analysing and interpreting concepts and provision

Interpretation of financial statement

Evaluation of a proposal for assessing its validity

Recommendation of a course of action


CA Final Advanced Accounting and Professional Ethics Weightage: Chapter-Wise (2023)

A chapter’s weight has been assigned by the ICAI based on its relevance to the actual world and degree of difficulty. The importance of planning and preparing for tests following the weighted subjects and chapter breakdowns cannot be overstated by students.

Chapter Topics Weightage
Chapter 1-4,6 Chapter 1: Auditing Standards, Statements and Guidance Notes – An Overview

Chapter-2: Audit Planning, Strategy and Execution

Chapter 3: Risk Assessment and Internal Control

Chapter 4: Special Aspects of Auditing in an Automated Environment

Chapter 6: Audit Reports

Chapter 5, 7, 8,14 Chapter 5: Company Audit

Annexure: Schedule III to The Companies Act, 2013

Chapter 7: Audit Committee and Corporate Governance

Chapter 8: Audit of Consolidated Financial Statements

Chapter 14: Liabilities of Auditor

Chapter 9,10, 11,12 Chapter 9: Audit of Banks

Chapter 10: Audit of Insurance Company

Chapter 11: Audit of Non-Banking Financial Companies

Chapter 12: Audit under Fiscal Laws

Chapter 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Chapter 13: Audit of Public Sector Undertakings

Chapter 14: Liabilities of Auditor

Chapter 15: Internal Audit, Management and Operational Audit

Chapter 16: Due Diligence, Investigation and Forensic Audit

Unit 1: Due Diligence

Unit 2: Investigation

Unit 3: Forensic Audit

Chapter 17: Peer Review and Quality Review

Unit 1: Peer Review

Unit 2: Quality Review

Chapter 18 Professional Ethics 10%-15%

CA Final Advanced Auditing And Professional Ethics Syllabus

Under the new approach, ICAI has updated the CA Final syllabus. The whole CA Final syllabus is available for download here. The most recent syllabus for the CA final, which covers advanced auditing and professional ethics, is available for free download from this page.

CA Final Advanced Auditing Study Material for 2023

Using the page, students can obtain all of the CA Final study guides offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

All of the chapters on the syllabus’ basic topic are contained in the study materials. The study guide for paper 3 of the CA final in auditing is provided here. You can download it and use it as you study for tests.

  1. Module 1
  2. Module 2
  3. Module 3

To fully comprehend the topics, students need the ICAI study materials in addition to certain other books and offline and online notes. For a comprehensive knowledge of the themes, Lecture Kharido offers the most organized and straightforward CA final Auditing paper notes. Students taking the old course’s CA Final examinations received a practice manual. Concerning the practice handbook, students under the newly revised curriculum need not worry.

CA Final Advanced Auditing And Professional Ethics Pen Drive and Online Classes

All of the chapters on the syllabus’ basic topic are contained in the study materials. To fully comprehend the topics, students need the ICAI study materials in addition to certain other books and offline and online notes. In their specialized classes, Lecture Kharido offers the most well-organized and straightforward study materials for a correct and thorough comprehension of advanced auditing. Also, they offer pen drive classes to their pupils, which effectively cover the whole course subject. For pupils who study in both English and Hindi, Lecture Kharido also offers a pen drive course. You may also get the study guide for the May 2023 CA Final Auditing exam for students studying in Hindi.


You may quickly download all the study materials needed to prepare for the CA Final Auditing subject, which will be offered under the new course structure as Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics. Instead of simply memorizing material to pass tests, the Professional Ethics syllabus should be ingrained in every professional.

You can even learn the chapter-by-chapter weighting of the marks, the skill-by-skill syllabus, and significant insider information on the CA Final P-3 tests 2023.

The new and updated syllabus is available to students in the CA final new revised course. CA Final Paper 3 is a 30:70 evaluation. First group contains the CA final auditing paper. With the new amended syllabus, ICAI has also added a new open-book test paper. This elective paper is evaluated based on the students’ evaluative, analytical, and reporting abilities.