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Preparation Strategy to Score Good Marks in CA Final IDT Examination

ca final idt

What scares the most out of CA Final students is the CA Final IDT paper. It has been seen that students either entirely love this paper or they just ignore this paper. As the CA Final IDT paper mostly covers a vast chunk of the CA Final syllabus, it demands a lot of attention and time. Students must have a deep understanding of the various provisions in this paper. This blog by Lecture Kharido will help you to know about various strategies that can help you to score good marks in CA Final IDT Examination, like understanding your strengths and weaknesses, reading books related to your course etc.

Weightage of CA Final IDT Papers

The CA Final IDT examination is a three-hour paper with 100 questions.Get an idea about the weightage that each topic carries in this paper.

SL.No.  Sections Topics Covered  Weightage
1. Part 1 GST Laws-Goods and Services Tax(GST) Law as contained in the central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) Act, 2017 and Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) Act, 2017 45%-65%
Section 1
2. Section 2 Procedures under GST <10%-30%
3. Section 3 Demands and Recovery, offenses & penalties,Advance ruling, appeals and revision of GST 10%-25%
4. Section 4 Introduction to GST in India including Constitutional aspects 5%-10%
5. Part 2 Levy and exemption from Custom duties(Customs Laws) 40%-65%
Section 1
6. Section 2 Import and export procedures 20%-45%
7. Section 3 Introduction to Custom Laws and FTP 10%-20%

Useful Strategies To Score Good Marks in CA Final IDT

1. Proper Understanding of all the Concepts:

Topics like GST and customs are based on conceptual clarity and that is why it is very important that a student is well aware of the basic concepts before going further in their preparations. That is why, the right way to start your preparation journey is to always begin with getting your basics cleared.

2. Having Access to Best Study Materials:

It is mostly advised to have the best study materials at hand to ensure proper start to preparations. ICAI study material is regarded as one of the best options for students to pick as ICAI is the conducting body of the CA exams. Evidently, totally neglecting ICAI materials and depending on notes by coaching centres is a common mistake that students make and hence fall into loopholes.  

3. Solving Practice Papers:

Students should not ignore the importance of practicing old question papers, revision test papers, mock test papers, and practical problems. It is only after you start practicing these questions, when you get a proper idea of the type of questions that are going to come in the final exam. This prepares the students for anything that is yet to come and thus makes them exam ready!

Key Pointers to Remember for CA Final IDT

  • Students should start their preparations in a chronological order and stick to the ICAI syllabus.
  • Students need to pay attention to GST as well as Customs.
  • Same attention should be then devoted towards the FTP chapter.
  • Make sure you understand all the sections in perfect order and remember them as well.
  • Do not leave any topic to be studied just before the exam days. Always ensure that you have revised each and every chapter ample number of times. 

All the aspirants should not lose their calm before the exams and that is exactly what needs to be done to achieve ultimate success. Students can also start their preparations for the CA Final IDT paper, with the study materials from Lecture Kharido. We make sure that students get access to nothing but the best materials!