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Descriptive Guide to Study Audit and Assurance for CA Intermediate?

audit and assurance

Topics Included in the Audit and Assurance Paper

With proper planning and intensive study schedule, no subject can seem difficult to any student. Audit and Assurance is one of those subjects that have created a scary home in the mind of CA students. The reality being that with assistance from CA Inter Online classes by Lecture Kharido and  ICAI study material, any student can crack through this paper! Scroll further and get an overview of a few tips to study the Audit and Assurance paper, which is a part of Intermediate Group 2 subjects.

1. Basic Concepts
  • Nature of Auditing
  • Basic Concepts
  • Audit Preparation
  • Internal Control and Environment
  • Internal Audit
2. Company Act,2013
  • Companies Auditor Basics, power and Duty
  • Audit under Companies Act,2013
  • Audit of Company Acts
  • Schedule 3
3. Audit Points
  • Vouching
  • Verification
  • Specialized Audit
  • Government Audit
4. Auditing Pronouncements
  • Standards on Auditing
  • Guidance Notes on Auditing

How to Start Studying for Auditing and Assurance?

To ensure best preparations, students should first have the appropriate study materials at hand and then follow a proper study plan. Aspirants should make sure to take up classes from the best educational platforms like Lecture Kharido. CA Inter online classes provided by Lecture Kharido are the best option to pave the way for students preparing for CA Intermediate exams. Listed below are the necessary steps to be taken by students as they start preparing for Audit and Assurance

  • Start preparing by understanding the basics. Do not skip any topic to keep towards the last. 
  • Prepare a proper schedule and allocate time to important topics that seem tough to you.
  • Students can take up subscriptions from various educational platforms for technical topics like Companies Audit.
  • Prepare crisp notes and keep overlooking them from time to time.
  • If necessary, keep flowcharts and instructive diagrams at hand.
  • Better presentation in the Audit, Tax and Law paper holds a lot of credit and thus it is important that the students are well aware of presentation skills.
  • Do not waste unnecessary time on topics that seem way too difficult. Try to seek guidance from teachers or move over to another topic as soon as possible.
  • Better presentation in the paper can help you gain  extra marks very easily.
  • Tru using mnemonics to remember the name of headings or the name of standards of Auditing, which might turn useful while recalling answers in the exam hall. 

Last but not the least, keep the last days for just revising and do not make the mistake of keeping any chunk of the Audit and Assurance paper till these last moments. Last minute revisions are time worthy but last minute studying is not. So, it is advisable to students that the last days should be devoted to question banks, test papers, revision papers and mock test papers.