CA Foundation Economics & BCK (Paper 4) – Study Material, Syllabus, Notes, Papers 2023

ca foundation economics

Economics is a discipline that primarily focuses on how well people can function as producers and consumers in the marketplace and deals with finding answers to their difficulties. It covers issues like the price mechanism, the theory of demand and supply, production and cost, and business cycles, among other fundamental issues with the economy and the market. To give Chartered Accountants, who are more than just accountants or editors in the business community, an advantage, the ICAI has incorporated Business Economics to the CA Foundation Course. In addition to offering business solutions, Company Assistant also does market research to help them do so more effectively. The CA Foundation Paper 4 is divided into two parts. Business economics is the first, and business commercial knowledge (BCK) is the second. We shall provide additional details regarding BCK and the CA Foundation Economics in this article. The schedule for the CA Foundation exam in June 2023 has been made public. The Economics paper will be conducted on June 30, 2023, following the schedule.

Paper 4: Business Economics and Business Commercial Knowledge

Check out the CA Foundation Syllabus of the economics papers with its marks weightage in the table below.

Part 1- Business Economics (CA Foundation Economics)

Chapter Topics Weightage
1 Introduction to Business Economics 15% – 20%
2 Theory of Demand and Supply 35% – 40%
3 Theory of Production and Cost Price 10% – 20%
4 Determination in Different Markets 25% – 30%
5 Business Cycles 15% – 20%


Part 2- Business and Commercial Knowledge (CA Foundation BCK)

Chapter Topics Weightage
1 Introduction to Business 15% – 18%
2 Business Environment 15% – 18%
3 Business Organizations 15% – 20%
4 Government Policies for Business Growth 15% – 18%
5 Organizations Facilitating Business 15% – 18%
6 Common Business Templates 15% – 18%

CA Foundation Economics Paper Weightage: Skill Assessment Specification

It’s crucial to keep the CA Foundation Economics Paper Weightage in mind as you study every chapter of the course. You can use this to determine which chapters are more important and should receive more consideration. Examine the CA Foundation Economics Paper Weightage for the following skill assessment criteria:

Paper Level I

Comprehension & Knowledge

Level II


Paper 4 Part I: Business Economics 40%50% 50%-60%
Paper 4 Part II: Business and Commercial Knowledge 100%

Glossary for CA Foundation Economics Paper

The subject of economics uses several words that are exclusive to this field and have specific definitions. Significant terms include things like customer satisfaction levels, product availability, consumer purchases, changes in commodity prices as a result of various factors, and the number of brands or companies competing in a market for a single product.

As a result, the ICAI has provided a glossary with more than 50 terminologies that you can download by clicking on the links below. It will make it easier for you to comprehend the meaning of any term. You can read it before beginning a chapter and refer to it whenever necessary.

Essential Tips for CA Foundation Business Economics & Business Commercial Knowledge Exam

Create a schedule for your courses in time slots and utilize these CA Foundation Exam study strategies to stay motivated and focused in between hours of study.

  • Look at the CA Foundation exam format. A paper of the objective type is Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge. 40% of the total marks must be earned to pass this topic. 
  • Put your attention on the concepts and formulas that work best. Business economics concepts are interconnected, thus before responding, you should grasp the question. For instance, although demand and supply are independent ideas, they are related. Recognise the examiner’s intentions when both are mentioned in a question.
  • There are numerical problems in this subject. Therefore, you should pay attention to how quickly you can calculate so that you can initially have enough time to comprehend the question’s underlying notion. 
  • You must also complete the CA Foundation question papers from prior years if you want to succeed on the economics exam.


 The foundational level concepts and formulas are what make up the CA Foundation Business Economics paper. Because they have mastered the fundamentals, students in commerce have an added advantage. But if they have a firm grasp of the principles, pupils studying the arts and sciences can also pass the test with ease.

Students can get the CA Foundation exam questions for Economics by going to the ICAI’s official website. The Lecture Kharido website is another place where you may get them.

On June 30, 2023, the following CA Foundation Business Economics Paper will be given. 

 No, the CA foundation does not contain a concept exemption. Only students in CA Intermediate and CA Final are eligible for this option. 

 The CA Foundation course for November 2023 is now accepting registrations. Students may enroll before July 1, 2023.