Preparation Strategy For CA FINAL GROUP 2 May 23 [1 month]

ca final group 2

This is the best platform for you if you want to get high scores in the CA final. Exams for
professional courses have never been simple to ace. Instead of being laborious, it is more
smart work. The exam schedule has been made public, giving us around one month to properly review all the courses (for final preparation) and earn high scores.

As you know CA Final Group 2 includes 4 subjects :

  • Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation (SCMPE)
  • Direct Tax & International Taxation
  • Indirect Tax Laws
  • Electives (6 Paper Options)

Out of the above subjects :

The three required papers are all practical, and the electives include both practical and theoretical papers. The SCMPE (Costing) paper’s format, however, asks practical and application-based theoretical questions that span a variety of topics in a single question.

Points to Know for May 23 CA Final Exams:-

  • Direct tax and indirect tax are the two subjects that are applicable for multiple choice questions (MCQs).

Advantage: The right response receives full credit. will be beneficial in obtaining passing grades overall.

Possibility of disadvantage: Mandatory question with no other option. will call for in-depth research.

  • Make sure to enroll in the top instructors’ video classes. to learn about the top universities
  • The ICAI released the MCQ Paper Assessment Pattern on January 21st, 2019

Current Preparation Assumption

We will presume that you have already finished all four topics’ lectures and that you intend to finish reviewing all of them by the third week of April 2023. However, you can choose to take a Fast Track or Crash Course in that subject if you believe it still needs more thorough preparation. The following link leads to Fast Track Courses by Top Faculties:

Costing New Syllabus
Direct Tax & International Taxation New Syllabus
Indirect Tax Laws New Syllabus
Electives (6 Paper Options) New Syllabus

Your first level of study for the four subjects in group 2 from the videos or in-person lectures is now complete. Now that April 23 has passed, it is time to revise the contents from the previous month.

Key Points for Last Month's Preparation

  • Review all the crucial information and make a note of it by chapter. You will only have time to read through these points on the day before the exam.
  • Try to answer all of the pertinent questions in the Practise Manual, Revision Test Papers, and Past Year Papers.
  • Time management is crucial for CA Finals because students sometimes run out of time to complete their papers, even when they are aware of the solutions. It is therefore recommended to practice questions in a timed setting.
  • Solve practice exams.
  • Recognize the importance of the grades, and schedule your time commitment according to each topic.
  • The most crucial thing is to start studying.

Last Month Plan before Exam- April 2023

  • First, review your important subjects that are also crucial for exams. It is advised not to leave any topics for exams as each topic has a weightage of 10–14% and cannot be disregarded.
  • A thorough review of all the subjects and the creation of study materials for the exam. The most important component of CA Finals is Exam Day Revision because it is crucial to review or give a broad overview of practically all the topics the day before the tests.
  • Instead of consulting large volumes on the day of the exam, it is preferable to write one-pager notes for each topic that are sufficient for you to refer to one day before exams.

Important Points to note :

  • Always practice writing.
  • Study writing and point headings.
  • Consider taking ICAI and other faculty mock exams.
  • Solve DT and IDT MCQs for 30 points each.
  • To remember headings, use the mnemonics technique (mostly for ISCA and electives).
  • While watching the lectures, be sure to take notes and highlight all of your questions.