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CS Exam Date 2024: New Syllabus, Pattern, and Exam Form

CS exam

Prepare for the upcoming event by familiarizing yourself with the modified CS exam pattern, new material, and exam form filing procedures. Plan your studies, using suggested resources, and implement efficient study techniques to succeed on exams. 

Remember to prioritize time management, write well, and maintain calmness under stress. You’ll successfully reach your CS exam goals if you put in the necessary effort and prepare appropriately.

Beginning in December 2023, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) will significantly modify the CS exam. These changes are intended to improve the standards of company secretaries and guarantee that they have the abilities and know-how to handle the changing business environment effectively.

What is CS exam?

The Company Secretary exam examines a candidate’s understanding of corporate governance, legal compliance, and regulatory frameworks. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) administers this professional test. A CS, who plays a crucial role in company governance and regulation, can become certified upon successful completion of the course.

Fundamental changes to the CS exam pattern

Adding extra time to each paper in the CS Professional test is one of the most extensive modifications in the CS exam pattern. In the past, applicants had three hours to finish each paper. Now they have 15 minutes extra to finish the paper. It means they get 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete their exam.

Candidates might take a systematic approach with this extra time, carefully considering the questions, organizing their answers, and efficiently managing their time.

Understanding CS exam syllabus 

To perform as a company secretary, whether in practice or employment, the New Syllabus aims to create a team of company secretaries by providing professional knowledge and training.

For every session, the CS exam syllabus is posted on the official website of the Institute of Company Secretaries in India (ICSI), icsi.edu. Here is a link where you may obtain this syllabus for free.

The syllabus contains all the required knowledge to prepare for the CS exam, which covers all the themes and subtopics. Before beginning their exam preparation, it is an excellent move for applicants to comprehend the curriculum.

The CS exam syllabus can be found on ICSI’s official website. Candidates can use this syllabus as a guide to organize their study sessions according to the subjects included in the 2024 exam. 

There are two portions to the CS exam: Module I and Module II. You can enroll in one module or both, depending on your preferences. You will have to respond to in-depth written and multiple-choice questions on the test.

CS exam date 2024

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has postponed the CS professional exam date 2024 to June, which will now take place from June 2–June 9, 2024. Exam schedules are provided on the website, paper by paper; thus, candidates must familiarize themselves and make necessary study plans. 

The June 2024 ICSI CS Exam Form session is now available on icsi.edu. March 25, 2024, is the cutoff date for enrolling without paying a late charge. 

The ICSI CS exam registration is still open on the same website if you want to take it in December 2024. For all modules, online applications are accepted until May 31, 2024. The registration date for individuals enrolling in a single module is August 16, 2024. Check that you fulfill the prerequisites for qualifying before submitting your application.

You should know the examination fees to enroll in the CS exam. The fees must be paid and sent with your final CS exam form.

The cost of the CS Executive test on Lecture Kharido depends on how many courses you want to take. This implies that candidates should anticipate various fees depending on their chosen courses. Therefore, be sure to consider how many modules you want to do before completing the exam form, since this will impact the overall price you must pay.

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